This is not a studio diary in a sense of a meaning, but merely a story about what happened last weekend when five guys travelled across the Helsinki towards the SMF-studios to record a four track demo.
This reminded me about the movie based on the Stephen King’s novel “Stand ByMe” where four kids wander into the woods searching for the dead kid hit by a train (in the band there are five guys and in the end of our journey there’s not a dead kid but a demo – let’s not mind the details, okay!?)…Chocolate bars and lemonade have been changed into beer and fast food. Stories about girl’s breasts and pants have changed…um…into stories what would happen later on that night IF the poor bassist would pass out on the studios sofa. Well, never mind…You got the
idea right? Our journey started precisely at 10:00 AM in 15th of May, when the master of SMF-studios, Sampsa Astala opened the door…

After quick sound checking which lasted about an hour guys decided to give it a go and started to record the first song, after three rounds of recording everybody were somewhat satisfied with the results. First song was called as Crows Reach which tells a story of the murder of young girl where the storyteller is suspected - he lies to the police to have an alibi. After the killing the remnants are buried in the backyard of his house because he could not sustain the idea that someone else would have her. So the uttermost solution was to kill her and ensure that she shall be his forever. “I need you by my side till the end of times, and all that I need is a little piece”. Musically it is a rockin’ piece which is played very heavily and contains little punkish-feeling on it.

Second song took only two rounds of recording before pressing the “stop”-button. Track was Son of No Man which lyrically deals about the dark themes and apocalyptic visions of being the son of no man “I am the mouth of the great One; I can tell you end is nearly here”. Working title of the song was “Egypt” mainly because of the first riff of the song certainly is very Egyptian-kind-of-thing. All in all whole song is mid-tempo packed sinister feature including traditional heavy metal-riffs flavoured with growling vocals.
After listened the complete track: It struck into my mind that it would fit right into feeling of the scene in the Game of Thrones when White Walkers emerged the very first time “Winter is Coming!!!”… And according to my old friend T. Jarva “so am I!!!”

Third follow-up was called as Pain and Shallow Grave here we are talking about the doomsday prophecies and Iron Maiden. Sounds odd enough? Working-title for this song was “I wanna be Steve Harris”. Well, I myself cannot be Steve Harris, not even close- The master himself, who was one of reasons why I chose bass as my instrument when I got 16. Song contains a lot of bass lines which are quite close to the ones which Harris performs in Iron Maiden; only difference is that those lines are played much, much worse. Have to admit that it was a fun thing to do and pushed me up to my limits again and again. Limits which are really low…God-damn low.

Our drummer Janne is a big fan of Orphaned Land and he loves the way they are doing their thing. So he decided to give it a shot and composed song which contained his vision of it. Result was the song which is probably the most unique song we’ve ever recorded as a band. Song’s the “Neophyte” lyrically it is a love story “in my skin she carved a love letter, with the purest heart” somehow lyrics of the song remind me about the Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” there are certain similar elements in it. Beautiful synths; which are leading the way from the beginning of the song and the section in the middle lead you directly into the orient. Mood of the song is fragile, waiting and yet conclusive.

To those who think that once you have played everything right, you can move on directly to the mixing. Wrong – beeb! (Nope I’m not going to buy a vowel-screw you motherfuckers!). You got to do solos, double guitars, synths and percussions. This time all of it was done relatively fast, few solos here and there, plus some guitar harmonies and only few additions when it comes to the synths and percussions. Rest of the time it’s mostly waiting, killing time, drinking beer, having some fast food, bad jokes, smell of fart and sweat in a small room. Yet I’m not trying to promote this “way of living”, but this is how it goes. It also turned out that two members of the band were really excited about Toto’s latest album, on the other hand we had three guys who weren’t… You can always post your comments on our FB-site and speculate about the personality of these Toto-fans in our band. Our singer Mojo found an interesting book from the studios bookshelf: “The Fine Art of Disco-drumming”. Have to say that the future of the Rämlord looks bright, if we can’t hit big with our own style we could be the next new Scooter, Scatman or E-Type (freely choose the one you like). Baa-a-dap-pab-bad-dab-bo!

Around 19:30 we were finished and satisfied with the results. Time has come to pack our gears and get back home. Nobody’s dead, we did not find a dead guy in the end of the track whereas we found four decent songs recorded, few bad jokes and some good time together.

Yours in metal,


© 2013 Rämlord & Poor And Starving