Rämlord –biography
The story so far…

When Jarno Anttila (ex-Belial) decided to step aside from the ranks of Impaled Nazarene after 18 years of pure mayhem, he started to warm-up an idea about a different kind of band. He joined "his forces" with his old partner-in-crime, Janne Mannonen (YUP). The first "victim" of theirs was Niko Karppinen, (Sentenced session-member in 1995, ex-Legenda, Bloodride and ex-Maple Cross). Rämlord started to take its form in the late of 2010, and got stronger in the beginning of 2011 when Tommi Kanerva (Maho Neitsyt, Vaasankatu SS, Terveyskeskus, Murheen Laakso and Kostajat), took over the guitar.

Only a vocalist was missing and after the hectic search some friend of theirs recommended to check out Mikko Ojala (ex-MMD), which they did… After a short session the decision was really clear, they've found a vocalist and Rämlord was ready to take off towards the new challenges!

Band entered the studio in the fall 2011 and recorded 5 tracks demo in East Sound Studios, Helsinki with Sammy Aaltonen. Music of Rämlord is definitely something different than any of the members been doing before, including elements from traditional rock, 80’ties heavy metal and black metal which altogether are creating unique sound of the band.

After the first demo Rämlord was ready to develop their unique style even further on. So the band booked studio again in the spring of 2013 recording 7 brand new tracks within one day! Versatile music of the Rämlord was even more extreme than before, from melodic, almost pop-alike tunes to black metal and everything between. Also band’s very own site saw its birth almost straight after the recording sessions: is the place where you can find the latest news and gigs of the Rämlord.

In the spring 2014 band entered in SMF studios again with Sampsa Astala to record songs for the upcoming 7” –single release. Recorded songs were “Evolve to Monster” and “Mark of Cain” which got good reviews in the Finnish music medias.  Single was mixed by famous Mikko Karmila bringing another dimension into band’s music. Band also played in Tuska festival’s official after party club later in that summer.

Year 2015 started with composing new material and band sneaked in the SMF –studios again with the gentle guidance of Sampsa Astala and recorded 4-piece demo for their own use. Style of the band was altered into another form with more sophisticated approach which can be easily heard from the song “Neophyte”.

Currently, the band is looking for a deal and this experienced combo has already been doing gigs around the Helsinki-area. With an extensive experience of 2000 gigs - you'll be sure that the gig of Rämlord is going to be the thing to remember…

Current line-up of Rämlord:
Jarno Anttila: guitar
Tommi Kanerva: guitar
Mikko Ojala: vocals
Janne Mannonen: drums
Niko Karppinen: bass

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